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Update: September 28th 2015

We've been blocked by their API. It was my fault. used to scrape for artist information. When they changed their interface, my scrapers didn't find what they expected, and kept scraping. It was bad design, bad implementation, and rude. Sorry for the stupidity.
That said, this was fun, and for a 48 hour build, it gave more happiness than it cost.

Update: August 25th 2015 has disabled 3rd party apps temporarily while they migrate their site. More info here. Sorry for the interruption links to your account and, every morning at about 08:00am, posts the albums you listen to most to your twitter account. There's more info here. does a pretty good job of keeping track of the songs you like (amongst other cool things), but I wanted to focus on which albums I listen to and keep a record of what I was enjoying.

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  • Do You Know Squarepusher by Squarepusher
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  • Demon Hunter by Demon Hunter
  • Moonflower Lane by Ty Tabor
  • Round Round by Sugababes
  • The Best Of Naked Eyes by Naked Eyes
  • Sin-Decade by Pretty Maids
  • The Birth Of Corruption by Desolated
  • Inverted Island by Obfusc
  • Old Sentimental by Parabstruse
  • Don't Look Back by Celeste Buckingham
  • Return of the Bastard by Tommy Guerrero
  • Hymns for a Dark Horse by Bowerbirds
  • Murmurs by Caroline
  • Cruel Intentions by Simian Mobile Disco
  • Straight From The Heart by Patrice Rushen

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